Our story

Last May, my Grandma gave me a postcard for my birthday, and on it, it said: “I know, you have a dream about a house with lots of flowers, may your dream come true”. Since then, I’ve kept this postcard in view, right above my desk. Not a single day went past where I didn’t look at it and let out a deep sigh.

At the end of the summer, last year (2016) I tried watercolour painting for the first time. It was one of the ideas I had to start a project with the purpose of saving money to buy our dream home.

This was my very first painting:



I showed it to a few people and everybody loved it so I decided to open an Etsy shop and then I created other paintings. Very soon I realised that the theme for my shop would be flowers, animals and plants. (I’m currently learning floristry, I LOVE flowers. 😀 )


More than half a year passed before I felt it was time to make another step forward.  One day, whilst I was doing the vacuum cleaning, I was thinking (the power of house cleaning, huh? :D) that I love to paint and I have about two years (we want to live in our tiny apartment in the city for only two more years) to learn a lot of things, I’m itching to be knee deep in other stuff as long as both of us (Husband and myself) will give up our careers and start a brand new life in the countryside with a brand new profession. However we love adventure, but it’s never bad to mix it with some wisdom :D, so I want to educate myself during my free time.

I asked myself: hey, why did you open this shop? To make money for THE house.

I threw the vacuum cleaner to the side and calculated that we need 10k euros for the house which mean (including the fees I pay to Etsy) I need an 11400 euro income which means I need a minimum of 950 people to buy a picture for 12 euro each, in order to reach my goal.

It really didn’t sound a lot, “’cause, really, what is 950 people?” And with the quote: little for you, a lot to me, I believe in the power of ‘people gathering’.

After that my husband liked the idea too, I told my lovely friends, who agreed with me. So this site was born.

Our sons are talking about our future home every.single.day. We talk about it as we will have it for sure, no ‘wish’-s and ‘if-s’. We really believe we will have that house.

What will it look like? It will be near a big lake, amongst hills and vineyards. It looks like Provence! ( and we have been there a lot, so believe me 🙂 ) With a typical local country house, it will include all the little details we have fallen in love with in all the different countries we have visited. We will use a lot of warm woods, a little concrete, glass, big spaces, black trimmed windows. White, grey, brown, shades of darker greens and blues. Lovely pastel textiles and different types of furniture, which will tell a story. Mixing new with old, no following any ‘told’ styles. It will be ‘us’ (we are an architecture interior design couple). We will have a biiiiiig yard with flower field, barn, chickens, goats and 2 dogs, maybe cats. Ducks are on the wishlist too. I really want a forest next to our house and a little creek. We will have our own fruit and veggie garden like we use to. Oh, and I can’t forget an apple tree or two, amongst the other fruit trees. My husband wants to open a coffee house as well.


So this is our future farmhouse vision. Every little purchase you make in my shop brings us closer to making our vision real. If you are interested in following our money collecting adventure, you can check the numbers here on the main page.

We need at least 11400 euro and/or 950 people to make a purchase for at least 12 euro.  It includes our ‘house money’ and the fees I will pay to Etsy.

My shop is www.fromnanni.etsy.com

Come and visit my shop’s Instagram page for my daily inspiration photos: www.instagram.com/from_nanni

If you want to follow our journey you can do it here: www.instagram.com/_thisishome

You can send me an e-mail: fromnanni@gmail.com

To you, all, thank you in advance. We really appreciate every single purchase from our Etsy shop.

Love, Fanni, Steve, Nimrod, Vince